The Daigokan (est. 1968) is one of the longest-running judo clubs in Dublin. The club is named after Toshiró Daigo, 10th Dan, who instructed the founders in the art of traditional Japanese Judo. The club’s chief instructor, John Douglas, was the fourth person in Ireland to attain a black belt in Judo, and the first to win gold at the All-Ireland Judo Championships. Many great Irish judoka credit their humble beginnings to the Daigokan.

Our classes are suitable for judo players of all levels and include a mix of standing and groundwork, technical instruction and light sparring (randori).

The current head coach is Donal Tannam – 6th Dan Black Belt. Donal teaches a precise and gentle style of judo and is respected nationwide for his lifelong dedication to the sport. He regularly represents Ireland at international judo competitions and has won dozens of medals doing so. Donal also coaches at the Wild Geese Judo Club on Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

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